Douglas Adams'

The Definitive How To Leave The Planet

Taken from Don't Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Neil Gaiman, first printed 1988.
You have been carefully selected as a totally random member of the Human Race. This web page is for you. Before you read it:
1) Find a stout chair.
2) Sit on it.

This web site has been spontaneously generated by the PASSING AQUAINTANCES OF THE EARTH computer. It will appear on the net when the computer judges that the Earth has passed the P.O.S.T.O.S.E.H..

If you have this page you may assume that the crucial point has been passed, and that you are one of those chosen to be the future of the Human Race.

The following instructions are for you:
Leave the planet as quickly as possible.
Do not procrastinate.
Do not panic.
Do not take the Whole Earth Catalog.

How to leave the planet
Where you should be heading
What your travels will be like
Medical kit
Reassurance panel

NB: On the assumption that nothing terrible is going to happen to the world and everything's suddenly going to be alright really, all the advise on this web site may be safely ignored.

P.o.s.t.o.s.e.h. - Possibility of Sorting Things Out Sensibly Event Horizon