The Frog Guild

Frogs are one of the oldest guilds on VikingMUD and it is a good place to start your MUDlife since as a Frog you would get a lot of useful spells from the beginning. Frogs have not so many combat-spells but rather a wide specter of spells which can aid you in almost all situations.

The Frog-spells

Many a great warrior has started out as a frog (and many of those still are frog, too). The Frog-guild is reknown as a friendly and helpful Guild, and all the members try to help eachother and newbies as often as they can. The Frog-guild is probably the most harmonic guild on the MUD. The members seldom have inside quarrels, but they have a (friendly) discussion going with the Frost-guild about which guild is the better one.

So, who are those magnificent Frogs?

The Frog-guild is located under the plains northwest of Larstown. It can be reached through a hole in the plains, and if you wish to look around there you would need to know the name of the great founder of the Frog-guild: Killroy. But to enter the inner chambers of the Guild you have to be a member of the great guild, and that can be arranged if you wish. The only thing you have to do is to ask a Frog which is playing if he could Recruit you. The Frogs also got a another meetingplace which you can reach (only if you are a frog) with the command relax. Here the frogs heals by the warm, bubbling mud, and it's here frogs meet and have fun (when they are not questing or fighting).

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