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Welcome To My Homepage

Who is this Geek:

My name is Erik Sverrbo and i was borne in Lillehammer the 9. August 1967, but moved to Trondheim in 1969. Right now i am studying Sociology ( Graduate Student ) at The University of Trondheim, AVH. In the waste jungle of Sociological topics, i am most interested in Network sociology and Organizational sociology and i am going to write my thesis in a field related to these subjects. Hopefully i'll manage to mix network sociology, organizational theory and general communication theory in my forthcomming paper.

The working hypothesis on my paper is, put somewhat ruffly : What are the effects of electronic media on intraorganizational communication ?. Those of you that are interested in Sociology and electronic communication media can Click Here to see some of my links related to this field.

What does he like to do?:

Eventhough studying sociology takes a lot of my available time, i get time to do some other stuff to. A lot of my spare time is used to listen to my favourite music. The bands that i listen mostly to are:The Pogues, Dubliners, Waterboys. Pixies, Les Negresses Vertes, Violent Femmes, Janes Addiction, Clash, Iggy Pop, Rage Against The Machine, Nick Cave, Primus and DumDum Boys. I hate music genres such as Deathmetal, C/W, Techno- and rap music.

When i am not listening to music you might find me in front of the TV/Video, watching Rowan Atkinson ( i've named my NVG-user and VikingMud character after him ), Beavis and Butthead, The Simpsons, "English humor", satirical series, The Bundys or sports.

I am also spending a lot of time on the PC-Lab at AVH, exploring the Internet using my NVG-account. One of the places you can meet me on the Internet is as a character called Rowan on VikingMud.

Where can you find him:

Weekdays: Weekends:

At last, Some of my favourite Links