A humanitarian organisation trying to decrease the effects of the damages caused by one of the worst environmental accidents in the history of man:

The Chernobyl accident on 26th of April 1986





Information on Children of Chernobyl


On the 26th of April 1986, a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine, exploded. Thanks to observant measuring in Scandinavia, we were able to take our precautions and in the best way protect ourselves against the worst part of it.


In Belarus, then part of the Soviet Union, they weren’t informed about the disaster in several days. Unreparable damages were a fact. The country got 70% of the contamination.


Belarus, which became independent i 1991, strives with enormous problems, in addition to a political leadership best passed over in silence. A large amount of the soil is contaminated and ruined for centuries. But the economic and political situation suggests that the people cultivate the soil for food where it’s possible. And the resources of nature are being exploited fully, i.e. mushrooms are important. It’s not very nutritious but it’s food. Unfortunately, the mushroom contains the most radiation, but the authorities tell people that the areas are "clean".


"Children of Chernobyl" is an organisation dealing with this problem, working consciously and directly with a children sanatorium for children with radiation damages. They come from all Belarus. The organisation is local, and must not be mixed with bigger organisations with the same name.


The leader is Svanhild Jamne Valstadsve,

Deputy head of Halsen Ungdomsskole, Stjørdal (high school level)

The school has been running pupil exchange projects with Minsk for years, and the humanitarian work is a consequence of this.

Two county mayors and contributing corporations have contributed and inspected the work. And delegates from the Norwegian embassy in Kiev have visited the hospital.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs have several times expressed satisfaction with how the money has been spent.

The following is special for our work: The undersigned goes there with the money, dependent on the management of the hospital’s need and wish for new equipment, shortly after the hospital has arranged the practical side of the purchase, orders etc. When I get there, I pay for the equipment in the bank and signs the contract with the company delivering the goods. We now have a special deal with a bank doing this without administrative expenses for us. And I return later to insure that everything is in place and intact.

About the Sanatorium

220 new kids come to the Sanatorium in Ostroshitsky Gorodok every month, to exercise after operations and for treatment. Quotas are given to different diseases; cancer, damages on the kidneys, cerebral palsy, diabetes, diseases in the eyes and thyriod gland.


The children suffer from a severely decreased immunity defense system; all kinds of diseases have exploded in extent. There aren’t many healthy children in Belarus, when our definiton of "healthy and strong" is the basis of comparison. But, they live…


But these children, coming from all over Belarus, are examined with modern analysis equipment, so that treatment can begin immediately; much thanks to the help they’ve got from Norway.

Results so far

All in all the sanatorium has got approx 700 000 Norwegian Kroners ($100 000). Amongst the contributors we mention:


It’s important to underline that all this work is done voluntarily – no wages/compensation is taken except travel expenses to and from Minsk (approx 4500 Norwegian Kroners). But until now Scandinavian Airlines System, banks and insurance companies have paid the tickets for us.

The plans

We’re happy about our work so far. But as long we know 800 000 kids are in danger of getting cancer due to the radiation, we cannot rest! And especially not when we know that a medical product has been developed to reduce the amount of radiation in the children.

The Pektine product YABLAPEKT

The main content of the product is apples. A cure may reduse the amount of radiation from 50 – 70%.


A one month cure costs 1 – one – dollar. But this is a lot of money for a family in Belarus at the moment – approximately 250 000 rubels.


The product is developed in the Ukraine. Technical leader for the project is the manager of The Belrad Institute for Radiation Safety Control in Minsk, professor Valilij Nesterenko. He was the manager of a nuclear reactor, and was set to lead the rescue at the Chernobyl area. Ever since, he’s been working with the damages, and founded this institute.


We need money to help him, the children and the future of Belarus. This people is in danger of extinctino, silently and unnoticed, because the world society has chosen to forget them. I wonder what would happen if this were to happen in the United States of America.


But – tears won’t help us – action is called for!



So: That’s why I apply to companies, organisations and persons I hope have, or could get, some interest for this problem; and people who’d want to contribute economically. Every contribution is so very welcome!

If you want information about where the money is going, here’s a couple of projects:



This work is documentet in many research project. They are obtainable if wanted.



I hope this gave you an impression of what we do,

And that you want to support us with a contribution


Nobody can help everyone,

but everyone can help somebody!

With best regards

Svanhild Jamne Valstadsve


Account /bank Den Norske bank 5394 05 04 194

Children of Chernobyl /Svanhild Valstadsve ,7510 Skatval, Norway