Left :The Mayor of Bragin and right Svanhild.

July 98

From Bragin,not far from Chernobyl.The cross marks the hidingplace of a village - under the green carpet of grass and flowers, there is a tragedy - a village which was buried after the evacuation of the people living there.

From the hospital in Bragin - time to go to bed, and the guest from Norway says goodnight. Nov98


Galina Radionova, the director of Ostroshitsky Gorodok, showing the new brochure about the Sanatorium.



Sept 97

Svanhild listening to the director of the sanatorium , reading the brochure about the Sanatorium in Ostroshitsky Gorodok.

December 97

Thank you ,Norway. Galina in her office with her Norwegian friend, Svanhild. The county flag of Nord Troendelag is a precious memory of good friends far north.

Nov 98

Professor Vasili Nesterenko and Galina.

The professor is the leader of the BELRAD Institute for Radiation Safety, Minsk. He has a Yablapekt project on the Sanatorium and the results are good.

Nov. 98

Look ! Galina is eager to show:

"Your programme started with two of these, in 1995. Four years later a lot of new, modern equipment has been brought to the childrens rehabilitation programme".

Nikita - 5 years old. His situation is critical - an operation was not successful, he has brain cancer. But he is such a good boy,they all are…..