The money is brought to Belarus by the leader of the organisation, who personally buys the medical equipment and pays for it, then brings it to the Sanatorium and checks two or three times a year that everything is in good shape and works well. Iím sure there are many people in many countries who are aware of this great disaster, but who doesnít know in which way to help. I know many people send secondhand goods to Eastern Europe to help them, and i donít have any objections. My idea, however, is to bring money, to encourage the Belarussians to deal with neighbouring countries and to get new, adapted equipment. And my idea is to give belarus the best; not the second hand goods. They really deserve the best equipment! If you are one of these people who would like to do something for the Chernobyl children, please, contact me for more information. I can show you reports which will prove to you that there is treatment for children, the only obstacle is money .Please, contact me. If you want to give financial support, please use the account number given.