Gordon Cartoon Sondre Setters

Scotland's only national bird-dog is the Gordon Setter, named after the Duke of Gordon, who, about 1820, began to produce an improved breed of black-and-tan dogs. His own dogs were bred with a local shepherd's dog (probably a Smooth Collie), and a new strain started; these dogs became famous for their efficiency on the moors, and began to attract the attention of sportsmen abroad. For some time, type was not clearly defined, but today (due to the setting up of a Standard of Points by the British Gordon Setter Club in 1930) the Gordon breeds remarkably true. Although not in the public eye, it is steadily increasing in numbers as a reliable dual-purpose gundog. Height 26 in. Weight 70 lb. Colour a rich coal-black, with ripe chestnut tan markings. Coat soft and shining, straight or waved slightly but not curly, with longer hair on the ears, chest and belly, the legs feathered and the stern flagged.


My 9 year old, Sondre.

Here are some other photos of him ( 1, 2 ), or you can visit this page if you want to read more about Gordon Setters.