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Pink Floyd live
BBC, december 19. 1967


The original Pink Floyd sound

Meddle cover
Pink Floyd

Released 1971
Length 46 minutes

All samples are 10 seconds due to legal restrictions, and recorded in mono at 22 mHz and 16 bits.

A tiny collection
of music links...

Year Album Song Time Size Type RoIO
1967 The Piper at The Gates of Dawn Lucifer Sam 3:14 25k midi no
Mathilda Mother 19k midi no
The Scarecrow 4k midi no
Bike 1:48 9k midi no
1968 A Saucerful of Secrets Let there be more light mp3 no
1969 Ummagumma Grantchester Meadows 4:42 12k midi no
Careful With That Axe, Eugene 75k midi no
1970 Atom Heart Mother Atom Heart Mother Suite 5:18 22k midi no
1971 Relics See Emily play mp3 no
See Emily play 2:02 6k midi no
1971 Meddle Fearless 1:38 19k midi no
Echoes 22k midi no
1972 Obscured by Clouds Obscured by Clouds 3:30 15k midi no
The gold it's in the hills mp3 no
Wots uh the deal 4:19 46k midi no
Childhood's end mp3 no
1983/69 Works The Embryo 6k midi no
1967 BBC recording 19. dec Scream thy last scream 417k RealAudio yes
Vegetable Man 367k RealAudio yes
Consert recordings Live 1967 Arnold Layne 171k RealAudio yes
Live 1967 Astronomy Dominč 449k RealAudio yes
Live in Amsterdam, 1969 Biding my time RealAudio yes
Live in Rotterdam 1970 Careful with that axe, Eugene RealAudio yes
Live in San Francisco 1970 Cymbaline RealAudio yes
Green Is The Colour RealAudio yes
Live in London 1970 Fat Old Sun RealAudio yes
Live 1971 Echoes 332k RealAudio yes

Audio Information
File type Software needed
The mp3 is a highly compressed wave (.wav)
file with cd-quality sound. A music track
uses about 1 MB a minute in the mp3 format.
WinPlay3 V2.0 for Windows 3.1/95 or
MacPlay3 for MacOS PowerPC
The MIDI files are mostly computer generated
reproductions of original music. These files
are smaller than digital music recordings, and
have integrated plugins in the Mac and Windows OS.
Midi player for PC
Midi player for Mac
RealAudio files are streams of audio which can
be played while brosing the net. Compared to MP3
files the sound quality is noticeable poorer,
but then the files are fairly smaller offering
the chance of broadcasting. In most cases realaudio
files can only be played while browsing and not
be downloaded.
Visit the RealAudio web site
to download the latest software
Records of Illegal Origin. These are recordings
released without the bands knowledge or approval.
Important to keep in mind before purchasing RoIOS:
Albums such as these differs highly in quality,
which is mostly due to the origin of the recording.
Some times sound technichians will sell private or
rejected studio recordings for a profit, other times
it might be a simple tape recorder in a concert crowd.
The price of RoIO's (also known as "Bootlegs") is
fairly high compared to original recordings, which
means they will never take the artists own market
away. Buyers are most likely to have several original
recordings before purchasing RoIO's, and I myself
tend to look at them as a way of "almost being at
the show" only 20 years later. In Norway RoIO's are
legal to sell but illegal to exhibit in stores.
Check out the Pink Floyd RoIO Database
for a comprehensive review of all available RoIO“s.
Visit the Pink Floyd RoIO MP3Archive
for Pink Floyd RoIO MP3's.

The sound files are samples of early Pink Floyd music. I suggest you respect
the artists work and effort by buying the original recordings when discovering you like it.
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