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Searching facilities....

Alta Vista is the best, fastest and largest searching utility on the Web today.

Webcrawler is also a good searching tools..

Lycos Inc. provides also another powerful facitilies for power-search..


OS/2 is one the most powerful operating system of today. Since I am a member of Team OS/2, I will share some good places for starters.

Hobbes is a place where you find most of the software to OS/2. It's updated daily under the incoming directory.

The Walnut Creek cdrom archives contains shitloads of the same stuff as hobbes has.

OS/2 Companies

OS/2 has some major applications other OS'es don't have. Such as...

Stardock is the company behind Object Desktop and Galactic Civilization. And they are of course also a member of the 32 bit Alliance together with..

PowerQuest who has made the unique Partion Magic.


ICC is the place where I spend most of the time playing chess.

FICS is the Free Internet Chess Server. Most people who enjoys playing, ends up here.. They also has a big library.

The Pensylvania Chess Club has large libraries of games.