Sexual Fantasies on Internet.

- And how dreams are broken.

I was working in the lab one day, when I broke the cardinal rule, I left my machine unlocked, because I was doing something close by, and only my pals were around anyway, and I trusted them (big mistake!) I was not paying attention to what they were doing, until I realised that they had posted an article on The article they posted was as follows:

Subject: I want sex
I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

I got quite a lot of email out of this, and here they are, for your amusement:


On 11 Jun 1996 20:10:17 GMT, you wrote:

>I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
>male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

My favorite fantasy?..........

You've invited me over for dinner, and promised that its going to be something very special. Having had the extreme pleasure of sharing hours of sensual pleasure with you already, I'm certain that its going to be fantastic.

I show up at your door, ring the bell and hear a soft, sexy voice say, "Come on in!" I open the door, wondering what to expect..... and I see you in the door to the hallway, dressed in red lace and silk.......Your teddy barely covers your swelling breasts, the fabric so sheer I can see the dark circles of you nipples through it. The neckline is cut all the way down to your sweet, delicious pussy, the fringe of your bush just visible at the bottom of the V. Below it, your pussy lips press against the fabric. The crotch is slighly damp, and the scent of your desire reaches me from across the room. Silk gloves and stockings accentuate your supple arms and highlight those fabulous legs of yours. You toss your head to one side and motion me over. I cross the room and you take me by the hand, saying, "I thought we'd skip dinner tonight, and go straight to dessert."

You lead me to the bedroom, turn and press your body against mine. As we kiss and begin to explore each other anew, you urge me to get undressed, your hands working at buttons and zippers, frantically helping me shed my clothes. When I'm naked, you reach down and take hold of my cock, gently pulling me to the bed. We reach it, and you turn me around and push me back on the bed. You crawl your way up my body, your breasts brushing the length of it.You stop, looking into my eyes, and say, "I want you to eat me. I want to feel your tongue deep inside me. I want you to make me CUM!" Your voice is like a cat's purr. At that instant, my only desire is to taste the sweet juices of your pussy, licking and sucking you until I feel you pressing yourself hard against my mouth, and hear your moans of pleasure............

You work your way farther up my body, but you pass my face.... ahh..... you're turning around..... you know I love to be able to lick every inch of sweet flesh from your clit to your ass. You stop with your pussy directly over my mouth. You reach down, running your fingers between your thighs, brushing the lips of your pussy. Suddenly the little hook comes undone, and your sweet pussy is exposed, waiting for the first touch of my lips and tongue.

I kiss and nibble up one soft silky thigh, lightly brush your pussy with my lips, and nibble and kiss my way down the other. Over and over, until my lips finally come to rest against your budding clit. You can feel my soft kisses, my lips lightly pulling on it. Then my tongue. Lightly flicking and circling it, dipping into your sweet pussy, tasting your juices...... The bed rocks slightly as your hips slide back and forth, your pussy rubbing back and forth across my mouth, riding my tongue like a hard cock.

Suddenly the bed rocks more...... you straighten up a little, and I raise my head to slide my tongue deep inside you....... but as I do, I feel another soft bush against my chin. I must be imagining things! I lower my head, and sure enough, there are two sweet pussies..... I can see that your bodies are pressed tightly together, your hands exploring each other's bodies...... all I can see of her is the dark hair of her pussy, pressed up against yours. Her clit a mere fraction of an inch away from yours. I can't believe this! I raise my head again, this time beginning my exploration of her pussy. Its as sweet as yours, and just as wet. I assume she's been watching from the doorway, or the maybe the closet. You can both feel my tongue, working its way from one pussy to the other. Dipping inside, sliding across your clit, then across hers and up inside her....... as my hunger for the sweet flesh of not one, but two women grows, my tongue travels farther and farther......... it slides from her pussy, across yours and up to your ass, lightly licking and probing your anus. Then the journey reverses, trailing all the way to her sweet ass....... As her back arches, I can tell that you're leaning down to suck on her nipples as my tongue circles her clit...... after a bit of this, I decide its your turn again, and I can see your back arch, and feel her hips shift, as she lowers her hot mouth to your throbbing nipples, my mouth hungrily devouring your sweet pussy..... over and over, the scene repeats....... me taking all the sweet juices from your lucious pussies as it can, while your hands and mouths explore each other.......... Now my tongue is flicking lightly from one clit to the other and going no where else....... I want my ultimate dream to come true........ to make two women cum at the same time! My tongue and lips hungrily work on your clits... I hear your gasps and moans of ecstasy.... occasionally muffled by a deep passionate kiss.... Suddenly both your bodies begin to tremble..... shaking in the passion I'm giving......... You both reach down, taking the other's ass in your hands, pulling your bodies as close together as you can.......

Suddenly, you both stiffen, as my mouth tries to take in both of your clits at the same time...... my tongue flashing from one to the other......... I hear the cries of orgasm..... your's and her's..... your pussies pressed tightly against my mouth.... your juices flowing into it.................

Good enough for you?


Hi Lene, I'm well built, longer than average cock, fit friendly and horny as hell. Give me a brief description of yourself (and, if you want, your interests) and I'll respond with details of how I would lead you into a situation of mutual pleasure.

Reply by return!

From: Anonymous

Hi lene,

I like the idea, wahat do you want to hear: 1. my licking fantasy 2. anal sex adventure 3. fucking while doing other funny things

Let me know, I 'am 31, 1.75m tall, brown hair, blue eyes, quiet hairy on the most lovely places, my dick is 17 cm and 4.5cm thick. And now describe yourself...

see you,


You Wrote: I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

Hi Lene:

My name is Bob. I ran across you posting looking for someone who wants netsex with a sturdy american male and thought I might apply for the position(s). (Top or Bottom or even sideways ;-) )

I am 5' 11" tall and 170# and 7" when I'm excited. I have brown hair and hazel eyes.

Anyway, I wanted to send you something more than just a crude one liner. I wrote this for someoneelse, but is an example of my writing. I prefer to be given a scenario and come up with a more personalized form of lovemaking. I prefer straight sex in different ways and places. Imagination is the key.

Here's something to keep you warm on a chilly Spring night.

You were sleeping alone at night. It was very hot and you were sleeping on top of your covers. In your semi-conscious state you weren't aware of what was happening around you. You thought you felt a slight breeze hit your legs, but you didn't think much of it. You started to slowly drift back to sleep when you dreamily felt something inching up your inner thighs. You just thought it was a sweat droplet or something, so you ignored it. As you were drifting off to sleep once again, you started to get a series of erotic images flashing through your head. You dreamed of this faceless figure, boldly reaching down between your legs and rubbing your crotch. You remember feeling strangely transfixed and aroused at watching those strong fingers moving up and down in between your thighs. You became so hot by this scene, you were arching your back and grinding your hips against those expertly enticing fingers. You felt yourself becoming wetter and wetter and when you were about to explode in a dreamy orgasm, you find that this wasn't just a dream after all. It was me rubbing your now wet pantied crotch with two of my fingers. You had a wicked smile on your face and were now looking right at me. You were shocked....but you didn't know what to do. It felt so good, but also you felt more than a little embarrassed. But I didn't give you any time to sort out your feelings as I quickly grabbed one of your arms with my free hand and pinned it underneath you and took my other hand from in between your legs and reached under and around my shoulders and then climbed on top of you. I pulled you tightly against me and whispered in your ear, "My my...aren't you a hot one..." You tried meekly to struggle against me, but I easily held you down. You said, "Please stop doing this ..." but I cut you off by kissing you flush on your lips. I forced my tongue inside your mouth and began rubbing myself against you. You realized you couldn't fight me any longer and relaxed beneath me. I finally released my kiss from you and whispered in your ear, "Now that is more like it." I grabbed your arm that had been underneath me and worked it into an even more uncomfortable position, and I whispered, "If you don't cooperate, I will make it very painful for you. Besides, if you refuse me, I will tell your roommate you came on to ME." Well, realizing you couldn't resist me, and that even though my story wouldn't really jibe with my roommate, you still didn't want anything messy to happen, so you told me, "all right, I'll cooperate...just please don't hurt me." I then looked into your eyes and said, "Of course I won't hurt you....that is if you do everything I tell you." You nodded.

I then smiled and started stroking Your hair. I then say, "Besides, I know you want it...I could tell by the way you were heaving your cute little body against my magic fingers." I slipped one of my hands in between your legs once again and start rubbing yout pantied crotch. You simply turn your head to the side and close your eyes and let me do with you what I want. "You are just so gorgeous." I bring my hand back up and start moving my fingers along my neck and shoulders. "Your skin is so milky smooth...I get hot just looking at you." I then trail my fingers down my chest and stomach and move my fingers inside your panties. "Ooohhh, you have a nice hairy mound. Your roommate doesn't have nearly as much fur as you do, though what you have is silky smooth." I then poke a finger inside your vagina, brushing your clit as I do so. You tense up from both pain and pleasure. "Just relax honey...I want to masturbate you for awhile. .you know how to do that don't you?" You remain silent. "Don't be bashful, my's OK to admit you know you masturbate fant- asizing about me all the time." You feel me stick another finger up inside of you. "Now I want you to open up your nightie nice and slow so I can see those beautiful little titties of yours." You do as you're told, slowly unbuttoning your nightshirt until it is completely unfastened. Then you pull it aside to reveal your breasts. I gasp and say, "Oh, their so delicious...I must have a taste!" I then move up your body, straddling it, while at the same time, inserting the rest of my fingers inside the legband of your panties and up inside your now sopping pussy. I now lean down and start sucking on your right breast, while using my free hand to massage and fondle the other one. "please....dooonnn't..", you moan, but I ignore you and continue my assault on your hot, sweaty body. I nibble ever so slightly on the nipple while I massage the other one with the palm of my rough hand...meanwhile my fingers are starting to fuck your twat, slowly and firmly. You are too far gone to resist any longer...both the pleasure and curiosity have gotten to you. It wasn't long before you were on the verge of orgasm. Sensing this, I increase the speed of my fingers thrusting in and out of you. Your body starts heaving against me, and within seconds, you feel your self starting to cum. I take my mouth from your tit and kiss you forcefully on the lips, as you ride out the waves of your orgasm. I then release my kiss and finally pull my fingers out of your vagina. I climb further up your body and say, "wow, that was one big orgasm you just had...I almost came in my jeans just watching you." I then take the hand that was deep inside of you and bring it up to my nose and breathe in deeply. " smell great!" Then I lick my fingers and say, "finger licking good for sure! Then again, you should know, I bet you masturbate and taste your juices all the time." I take one of my fingers and place it on your lips. "Don't try to deny have gone to your clothes hamper when your roommate wasn't looking and sniffed at the crotches of her undies. You smelled traces of her love juice on them many a time. In fact, you use it to inspire your lovemaking with your roommate all the time." Just as you were about to plead with me not to make you get in the middle of your relationship, I quieted you with another forceful kiss..occasionally biting your lips while again fondling my breasts. You feel so strange...drained, yet oddly aroused by my voice and caresses.

You relax and let your self enjoy the feelings I was giving you once again. I release my kiss and say, "But there is nothing like tasting the real thing..which reminds me..." I slowly slide down your prone body and get in between your thin legs. I pat your pantied crotch and say "Time to get down to the main course!" I hook my fingers along each side of the waistband and slowly pull them down and off your legs. "Oh, your panties are drenching wet!" With that, you notice beads of your juices and sweat are dripping from your crotch and down your inner thighs and onto your sheets. "Now, spread your legs apart!" You do as I ask, spreading them as far as they'll go. I quickly dive in between your legs and start licking your cum-drenched pussy. "Mmm....nothing like tasting your fresh, sweet juices directly from your hot little slit!" I continue licking on and around your pussylips, occasionally using one of my fingers to massage your little clit. Your breathing is getting faster and faster and you feel those pleasurable sensations starting to well up again between your thighs. I then grab hold of both your legs and force them apart even more while burying my face into your flowing pussy. I bite and nibble on your clit and occasionally stick my tongue deep inside you. You feel your self tensing up for another explosion, as you push your cunt against my face. I then back off...leaving you grinding my hips against the bed. I say in a husky voice, "No..not quite yet..there is something that you have to do. Dazed, you just look up at my, wondering what I had in mind. You see me hurriedly remove my jeans and skivvies.

You see my rock hard manhood. I climb on top of you and says, "Now I am going to do what I fantasized about since the moment I saw your sweet little body, am going to fuck you!" You plead with my, "Please don't am a virgin..." You see my eyes light up..I then say "Oh this is too good to be true...I am the one who gets to deflower you!" Before you could plead with me again, I forcefully kiss you, thrusting my tongue deep inside your yielding mouth. You also feel me thrusting my hot, hard cock up inside of you. You are so wet, it slides in doesn't even feel painful when I feel your cherry pop. You still wince slightly as the entire length now penetrates your tender vagina. I grab your hips and start slowly going in and out of you. Whatever pain you felt quickly subsides and all you can feel is pleasure that hard, stiff baton is doing to you. As I thrust in and out of your pussy, I lay on top of you and whisper in your ear, "you look so hot...seeing you all spread out like this and being fucked by me..seeing your cute little titties bounce with each stroke of my cock up inside you..." As I say this, I move my hands up and grab each of your breasts and start squeezing them with each thrust inside me. The rough texture of my hands feels so good against your aching tits. I continue by saying, "And I can't tell you how hot it makes me that I am the one who first took your be the first one that fucked that sexy body of yours."

You just close my eyes and start moaning with every hard thrust of mine. As I fuck you faster and faster, I fall on top of you and reach my arms underneath your torso and pull you tightly against me. Our chests mash into each other, your hard nipples poking into me..and I can feel your wet pussy slam against my thigh as I fuck you. The sensations are so intense...I fuck you faster and faster..we both begin to moan louder. You're wondering if anyone could hear us, but at this moment, you really don't care. You feel myself getting closer and closer to a mind blowing climax with each successive thrust. Next I let a finger slip its way into your puckered, sweaty anus. I start fucking you harder...faster...ramming that steel like cock as far up inside you as I can. You feel my invading digit slither into your asshole. .that did it...I feel your orgasm hitting you like a tidal wave .. you thrust your hips against mine and arch your back. Your pussy is squirting a load of cum onto my manhood, and your legs wrap around my back. You feel me tense up and scream with pleasure too...grabbing you tightly and kissing you hard once again. We remain in this position for a long time, riding out our respective climaxes.

Suddenly you hear the phone ring. It rings twice and stops. I quickly hop off you and start dressing. I explain to you that the two rings are a code, that your roommate is approaching the elevators, so I must exit quickly. Hearing this, you quickly go under the covers. After I dress, you toss my nightshirt back to me and says, "You might want to put this on." As I pick up your panties I say, "No, I think I will keep a reminder of the day I took your virginity -- mmmm!" And as I leave the room, you tell me, " next can have fun taking both me and my roommate."

I blow you a kiss and leave.


In order to send you stories I need to know about you. What you look like, what your turn ons and turn offs are and more... Please reply as soon as possible.


Ms. Lene Jensen wrote:
> I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
> male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

Hi. I amsending along a story I have written. I hope you will enjoy it, and that you will be able to receive some pleasure through it. I would love to get more personal, if you would like. I certainly hope that you will respond to me.

BTW, what irc to you chat on? I use Wanderer or Wanderer1 on irc. hope we can chat soon. I think you would enjoy a chat with me, and I am sure I would.

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; name="Story.txt"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Disposition: inline; filename="Story.txt"

It had been one of those rare evenings one could only term enchanting, in spite of the anxieties that should have caused it to flounder almost immediately. The nervousness that both had experienced at the beginning of this semi-bind date had rapidly given way to laughter, as they had both sought to begin the conversation no less than four times simultaneously. Finally he had held up his hand, rose to his feet as if to make a toast, bowed to her, and with a dramatic flourish requested that she begin the conversation. This, of course, immediately had the effect of initiating lively laughter once again. By the time they had managed to stop, blurry eyed, the anxieties had dispersed like the ripples on a tranquil lake.
The conversation flowed as a trickling brook from that point, and it was if they had grown up together, having developed a bond over ice cream cones and practical jokes as children, only to have been separated later in life, and now reunited. Although they had corresponded for several months, since being "introduced" in cyber-space, the spontaneity and sparkle exceeded explanation. But then, neither one was trying to explain it: they were too busy enjoying it.
It was well after dark when they left the restaurant, but they were both too keyed to be ready to end this night so soon. The spring air tasted of salt as the breeze came in over the sea, and they soon found their footprints flowing them along the sandy shoreline. Shoes and stockings were soon removed, and the feel of the sand served to reinforce the youthfulness their hearts were enjoying. They were giddy, happy, and as full of the moment as the sky was stars. The glowing illumination of the quarter moon hanging over the sea could not match the excited glow on their faces. For hours they walked, ran, and played, through surf and sand, although to their minds it was but minutes.
The moon had set, and a new glow began to show itself over the horizon. Finding a secluded spot on the beach, they had sit, facing the sea, watching the crimson glow of the clouds in the false dawn. He was behind her; she snuggling back into him, her back to his chest His arms encircled her, locked there by her hands on his. He could smell her: sweet scents of perfume and shampoo and woman smells, all mixed in and spiced with salt air. As the false dawn dimmed in anticipation of her more glorious true sister, his head filled with the closeness of her, and he leaned to kiss her cheek. Closing her eyes, she moved her cheek toward him, turning her head slightly to present the smoothness of her face to his soft lips. She leaned into him farther, placing his cheek next to hers, and they watched the triumphant entry of the new day.
For a moment no one moved; even their breathing was stilled and hushed. With a sigh she turned to him, as she said how beautiful it was. Yes, was all he whispered, as they're eyes met. He kissed her: a slight brushing of the lips that left her nearly startled. Then they're lips met once again, and the parting was slow and reluctant. She turned to him more fully, reaching for his neck, pressing her hungry lips to his, he feasting on the bounty of hers. His tongue slipped between her lips, and hers was there to meet it, tip to tip. They tasted each other this way for extended moments, neither one wishing to end. They're passion grew, as hands now began to move. His right hand found her belly almost too easily, do to the way she had turned into his kiss, and he roved over her navel and lower ribs. Her breath caught in her throat as he touched her, and she kissed him harder, spurring him onward in his explorations. He soon found the base of her breast, and his caresses brought forth sighs of pleasure even as she continued to taste his mouth.
Reaching for his hand, she clasped it in her own, holding it to her breast. She slowly, hesitantly, ended the kiss, raising a finger to his lips to keep him from saying anything. She stood, and tugged at his hand for him to rise to his feet. Never releasing his hand, she looked deeply into his eyes, and began walking up the beach, away somewhat from the water. Soon he realized that a grove of trees nearly concealed a small, weather worn cabin.
From a concealed spot, she produced a key, and unlocked the door. It was evident that the lock was merely for propriety's sake, but the cabin had been respected and left alone by any vandals. It was actually quite clean and cozy: one room, with a kitchenette set up in the far corner, a small table, and a comfortable looking couch. She went over to the couch and soon revealed it's dual nature, setting up the hide-a-bed. She then returned to him, holding him in her arms, leaning her face up to his to be kissed. As the gentleman he was, he could only oblige.
No words were needed at this time. She had assumed the lead, and become, in a mild way, the aggressor. Breaking the kiss, she stepped backward away from him, stopping him as he reached for her. A bewildered look crossed his face, but he was quickly reassured as she reached for the top button of his shirt. She was deliberate: nothing was going to be rushed. They had shared a wonderful evening, a sparkling night, and a glorious dawn. She was determined it was going to be a delicious morning.
His shirt was now unbuttoned, and she slipped her hands into it against his chest. It was a broad chest, with a generous covering of hair., and she made a mental note to thoroughly indulge herself in it later. She caressed his nipples, and thrilled when he made no pretense of insensitivity. She liked a man who admitted that his nipples were as sensitive as a woman's, and she intended to enjoy that fact with him as well.
Her hands continued up his chest, as she enjoyed the small shivers she was causing. It was obvious that he was enjoying her touch, from his closed eyes and slightly parted lips, as well as the almost silly contented expression on his face. She pushed the shirt from his shoulders, letting it hit the floor, and then pressed her lips to the middle of his chest. She relished the masculine smell as his lungs inflated deeply in response to her kiss, and she did not deny him as he held her close to him.
She kissed him once again, then pushed herself away as his arms released her. She looked up into his eyes, the only conversation they needed at this time, as she unclasped his belt buckle and the button of his jeans. again she allowed her hands to roam his chest, and kissed it once more, lowering herself slowly, and kissing his belly, just above the navel. She was surprised and thrilled and the tremendous shiver she invoked, and she kissed him again just below the navel.
Now kneeling before him, she reached for his zipper, then looked up into his face, giving him a mischievous smile. She held his eyes with hers, as she ever so slowly unzipped his fly. Still she held his eyes with hers, grabbing the now baggy material of his pants and pulling then to the floor, locking gazes as she helped him step from them. The bulge in his shorts was very prominent, yet she continued to hold his gaze with her own while she ran her hand upward over the stretched material, swallowing hard when she touched the thick shaft already protruding from the top of his shorts, but refusing to take her eyes from his. His eyes closed as she caressed the exposed tip of his manhood, and her hands then hooked the waistband of his shorts to slide them off as well.
Only then did she remove her eyes from his face, to behold the shaft she had caressed through the smooth cotton fabric. She found herself staring....not because she had been sheltered from sights such as this, and it was not even an overly large penis. Of course, she thought, it's not exactly SMALL, either. As her left hand almost involuntarily reached to cup his balls, she studied the hardened prick before her. Her right hand encircled the base of the shaft...actually barely encircled it. But the most exciting sight to her mind was the foreskin that half covered the bulging red head...had she ever actually been this close to an uncircumcised cock? She couldn't remember!
It didn't matter now; she was fascinated by this one. Her hand slid slowly along his rod, squeezing a drop of fluid from the tip, which she quickly caught on the tip of her tongue, enjoying the salty/sweet taste. squeezing a little, she pulled the tight foreskin back away from the throbbing red head, and was very pleased to find that the horror stories she had heard about uncircumcised pricks did not hold true: in his case, at least. She kissed the cock-head, then very slowly slipped her lips around the tip. She had been so intent on her "studies" that his gasp startled her, and she release it from her mouth. However, upon seeing the look of pleasure on his face, she began to lick the head, around the ridge behind the head, which caused him to shudder form sheer pleasure. She knew he was watching, so she put on quite a show of licking him, all along the thick shaft. She swore it grew larger in her hand, as her lips encircled the tip of the head once again, slowly sliding farther along his cock, her mouth stretching to take the massiveness of it. He reached down to caress her cheek, stretched tight over his cock, and she felt her own juices flowing, soaking her panties.
She sucked lightly on this piece of man flesh, then began to move back and forth, sliding him in and out of her mouth. His hands went to her head, caressing and stroking her hair, but not attempting to guide or force her. His gentleness excited her more, and her rhythm increase. His balls jerked in her hands, and she knew he must be close to release, but her passion flamed hotter, and she refused to release the hot cock she was now sucking. He grew closer, and he was no longer watching her, but then she was no longer performing for him. Her pleasure was intensifying, knowing that at any moment her already stuffed mouth would be loaded with his hot, sticky semen.
Almost without warning his cock swelled larger, then jerked and spasmed. A split second later she felt the heat of his cum coat the back of her throat. She swallowed involuntarily, nearly choking at the amount of male jism that was flooding her mouth. She could not hold it all, and cum began to seep from around the thick shaft still impaled in her face. Carefully she held his cock in her mouth, waiting for the spasms to cease, until she observed a noticeable relaxation in his body. His member, although spent and somewhat smaller, was still solid, and she graced it with a lick as she withdrew. The involuntary shiver that convulsed through his body was to her an erotic unspoken compliment, and she smiled up at him.

It had been so very long since anyone had please him in such a way. He had always been a very oral person, deriving joy for giving as well as receiving, yet his first true blow job had not come until he was 26. There had been rare experiences even since then -- the women he had been with were generally agreeable to going down on him, but only for a few licks and sucks...rarely would one bring him to release. What had just happened so very unexpectedly left him pleased, amazed, and still incredibly horny. He needed to show her how much this experience had meant to him -- and he could tell she needed the attention as well.
He reached to help her stand, somewhat embarrassed at his own nakedness and his erection. She was wearing a sweater, witch threatened to be more awkward the his own shirt. She silently eliminated that problem with a swift pull of the hem over her head, revealing the smoothness of her breast, constrained only by her bra. He moved toward her as her sweater hit the floor, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to undress her the rest of the way himself. He leaned his face down toward hers, pressing their lips together firmly as their tongues enacted the first steps of the dance of pleasure. A short, yet passionate kiss, which he broke off in order to kiss her throat, down to the hollow meeting spot of her collarbones, on to the cleavage of her breasts. He did not linger, but knelt as she had, and thrust his tongue into her belly button. She pushed her navel to his lips, and he pushed her away in order to reach the zipper of her jeans. They had fit her very snugly, and now she giggled at his attempts to release the form fitting garment. Suddenly the zipper freed, and soon he had peeled the jeans from her silky smooth legs. She had taken extra time on them in preparation of their date, and was pleased at the reaction he gave to them. He kissed each leg in random places, down and then back up, stopping when he reached the treasures hidden by her panties.
As he rose he placed one arm behind her legs, and the other behind her shoulders, lifting her from the floor. She gave a startled giggle, , and quickly clasped her hands behind his neck, as he carried her to the bed, and gently deposited her on the blankets. He lay down beside her, slightly over her, and thought that it was very sexy, as well as convenient, that the bra she had chosen to wear had the clasp in front. He released it, very slowly separating the 2 halves, revealing the smooth globes of her breasts. His manhood gave an involuntary twitch of approval as her nipples reacted to the cooler air of freedom.
Gently, tenderly, he kissed each nipple, enjoying the way her breath caught and her breasts shook. He then licked one, watching it harden even more, and then the other. His hands gently caressed her skin, sliding upward on the mound of her tit, petting the nipple as he sucked the other into his mouth. His fingers gently rolled the nipple, softly pinched it, and her sighs spurred him onward. His free hand stoked her lower back, sliding downward, under the fabric of her panties, to cup her firm ass cheek. Her desire flamed, and she grabbed his head, forcing her tit deeper into his hungry mouth.
He released her, knelt in front of her, and began to slip her panties down her hips. As the dark curls began to appear, she fought the sudden shy temptation to place her hand over her mound. Seems ridiculous, she thought, considering how much they had already done. But as the sliding fabric began to reveal a parting in the forest, she hid herself anyway, with a sly "see, I'm so innocent" grin. They both laughed, and he swiftly removed her panties, enjoying the sight she was now presenting to him as she removed her hand, and slowly parted her legs.
He stared at the dewy moistness between her thighs, contemplating the lovely erotic sight. He bent his face toward her belly, licking the flesh in her pubic hair, tangling the curls with his tongue. He lowered himself further, to kiss the insides of both thighs, experiencing the softness and muskiness of her love triangle. Heady with the aroma of her sex, he kissed her lower lips, then slowly parted them with his tongue. He loved her taste, and soon was trying to extract as much of the honey-dew sweetness as possible, running his tongue up and down the slit of her slick pussy, in and out as far as he could reach. Many men wish for a longer prick: his desire had always been for a longer tongue. Since this was not to be, he made up for what he lacked in size with exuberance and the desire to please.
Soon he returned to settle on her clit, kissing it, then gently sucking on it, gradually sucking harder. His tongue teased at the sensitive organ, as he began to fondle her wet pussy, parting the lips and slipping a finger inside her hot steamy love hole. He was heady with the smell of her desire, and soon another finger joined in, searching inside her, feeling the steamy wetness, sliding in and out, creating a rhythm to her now undulating hips. He sucked harder at her clit as she thrust toward his mouth, thrilling at the pleasure he was providing her. Suddenly she grabbed his head, forcing his mouth to her clit as his fingers continued to explore the inner reaches of her cunt. Her climax rocked her body so thoroughly that he had trouble maintaining his position attached to her womanhood as she buck furiously, but he was determined to taste the sweet pussy cum that she was now providing. His tongue sought out the inner folds of her labia, plunging down into the musky dampness, savoring the taste of her excitement. Her hands held his head so tightly that he could not have abandoned his duties had he even a desire to do so. He actually enjoyed the feel of her hands as acknowledgement of the joy and pleasure he was providing for her, and greedily sucked up the flow that her body granted his willing and capable tongue.

They laid together for awhile, in each others arms, his fingers creating gentle random patterns up and down her back, an occasional stray spasm shooting through her body. It had been so long since she had gotten so thoroughly excited, and she was just a tad bit embarrassed at the way she had abandoned herself to the pleasures they had been experiencing. She was enjoying his caresses, when a touch to her thigh brought her attention back to him. She remembered that, even though she had sucked him thoroughly through the last spasm, his erection had barely decreased in size, and now it was at full pulsing attention once again. He had not even attempted any self satisfaction while holding her and seeing to her needs as she came down from her excitement, and she was touched by this.
She kissed him, and reached to wrap her delicate hand around the swollen member. He sucked in his breath in surprise, but quickly surrendered to her tongue in his mouth and her hand stroking his prick. His own hand found it's way to the soft / firm mound of her buttocks, alternately caressing and squeezing. He reached around her ass to stroke her pussy lips, and was surprised by the wetness he encountered there, so soon, it seemed, after she had climaxed so hard. No words needed to be spoken, as he gently rolled her over onto her back, and she pulled his hardon toward her yearning snatch. She rub the head up and down her pussy lips, as they gazed into each others eyes, and he could see the sly teasing expression on her face. He fought the urge to thrust forward and impale her on his mighty shaft, instead enjoying the stroking he was receiving. He was not the "slam, bam, thank ya ma'am" type, but instead enjoyed prolonging the experience, so he was more than willing to endure her teasing: Aside from which, he knew his own would be forthcoming, and it caused a wry grin to cross his face.
As she wondered about this new expression, she began to release his prick to allow it entrance into her center of desire. He slid in easily, slowly, until there pubes met, tangling pubic hair. He remained there, kissing her for a moment, then reversed direction as she moaned into his mouth. He withdrew completely, suspending his cock above her so that the head just touched her pussy. She thrust upward at him, but he maintained the elusive posture, grinning at her. When she noticed the expression on his face, both exploded into laughter, and his prick entered her again as they embraced and enjoyed the sensations of penetration as they laughed.
He began his rhythm, slowly at first, savoring every feeling of contact his cock made inside her. She easily joined his rhythm as it increased, slowly at first, then faster. He grabbed her legs to lift them up to his shoulders, positioning her so that he could enter her as deeply as possible, searching with his manhood for her elusive g-spot. The intensity of the experience built within both of them, with each stroking becoming just a tiny bit more urgent and forceful. His reverse stroke left no more than the head of his cock between her cunt lips, allowing the forward stroke to be full and powerful, impaling her on a spear of pleasure.
He leaned to kiss her once again, admiring the sight of her breasts bouncing and swaying with their motions, the nipples hard and erect, begging for attention. He kissed each nipple, then withdrew from her completely. She gasped at the sudden withdrawal, nearly begging him not to stop, until she felt his hand on her ass, urging her to roll over. He stopped her on her side, lifting her top leg and moving it forward, straddling her bottom leg. Positioning his cock at the opening of her house of pleasure, she sighed in pleasure as he entered her. It was a novel experience for her: she had been doggie fucked before, and this had a similar feel, yet was extremely different. The feeling of his cock at this "sideways"angle, as well as the fact that one hand played with and caressed her ass as the other stroked her clit, intensified her desire, and climax rose within her once more. She reached down and replaced the hand at her clit with her own, alternating between playing with herself and stroking his balls as he thrust into her stroke after stroke. He reached for her tits, fondling both at once, trying to pinch the nipples together. His own passion was peaking, as he felt her pussy contract around his throbbing prick. Her eyes closed, and her hand cupped slightly over his balls, causing them to be stroked with every thrust. She began to moan, then nearly scream as she was raked with climax, begging him to shoot his hot load of cum inside her. He could no longer control his own sexual madness, and after two more furious stokes, he plunged into her, spraying the inside of her cunt with the liquid essence of his excitement. Occasionally a short thrust followed, impaling her further on his shaft as he filled her pussy with his hot jism.

Both of them now fulfilled, he semi-collapsed on top of her, reluctantly allowing his now wilting manhood to withdraw from the warm home it had been visiting. He lie down beside her, holding her, a trickle of their combined juices trailing across her leg from his spent prick. He kissed her face, then lightly kissed her lips, stroking her hair as they drifted off to sleep, happy from their date, fulfilled from their passion, and soothed by the sound of the waves outside the cabin. He thought, before sleep ensnared him totally, first dates CAN be special.


Hi there. I'm a 21-yr old male student from Portland, Oregon, USA. You sound incredible. I'd love to communicate with you with erotic e-mail and letters. I'm very sexually charged, and would love to please you. PLEASE Write me back - soon!



On 11 Jun 1996 20:10:17 GMT, you wrote:

>I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
>male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

My wife and I show up at your next party. We are friends of friends. Though we have not met, Lene, when I am introduced to you, your antennae rises upon hearing my first name and mine does too when I hear yours (that is not all that rises upon seeing you and hearing your name, but more about that later). So, the first chance I get to corner you alone, I do.
"Are you, by any chance, online?," I ask.
"Yes, are you?," you reply.
"Are you Maddie?!!!"
"Why, yes I am And you, are you the aol guy? Malthus?!!"
"Incredible! So, it is you! Can we go somewhere, Lene? Somewhere we can be alone for a little while and 'talk?"
You smile. "Follow me upstairs, we can go to my bedroom, but only for five minutes. Any longer and people will get suspicious," you say. "Yea, people like my wife, but that will have to do. For now." I follow you up the stairs, still unable to believe this serendipidous coincidence. I watch your legs move sensously as you ascend the stairs. I am drawn to that exciting area where your thighs disappear under the short hem of your dress. No time to give up old habits: I drop back a stair or two to get a better view. That's better; so nice! Now I catch glimpses of the underside of your ass cheeks -- lovely! And was that black nylon panties I saw? Ah, icing on the cake, were they to be!

By the time we reach your marital bedroom, I am overheated and the bulge in my pants shows it. Now, I am not sure how we will proceed to use these five minutes. Should we go over the line of cyber to real "carnal knowledge"? Will you push me over the line? I admit it won't take much. You can do it with your eyes -- with not so subtle glances at my swollen crotch. You can do it with words -- just give me your cyberslutty talk. You can do it with your legs -- just sit with your hem up far enough for me to see your panty clad pussy and ass. Or, you can do it with your hands -- reach out for that straining bulge. Any one of these, certainly a combination, and I am lost. What will you do, Lene?

If we go over the line, I would have a hard time deciding what I wanted more: I want so much to taste you, Lene. I want to first taste the moist nylon that covers your hot, wet pussy; to lick your essence, before moving on deep into the valley of your creamy cunt. I want to suck on your clit and I want to hear you moan in pleasure!

On the other hand, I want so much for you to taste me: to feel your moist soft lips around my hard shaft; to feel the warmth of your wet mouth sucking it in deep; your tongue lapping at it. How great it would be to empty the cum in my aching balls into your hungry little mouth!

Oh Lene, I am so hot!!! Please tell me. Tell me what we should do?


Hi Maddie,

I have 8 hard inches of American cock. Tell me what you like.


Dear Lene, Please email a photo and I will do the same. I am in California, are you in the states? I can't tell by your email address. Hope I hear from you.:0)


I am 35 yr old dark brown man with long curly hair, and big brown sleepy eyes.... I am 5'10", 165 lbs.. I have a 8" brown cock, and when erect the head is big, and looks like mushroom head.... it has been mentioned that i have a great looking cock...

I love tits, and suckle them for hours... I like to bury my lips in the soft sweet pussy, and nibble gently all over, forcing my tounge in... and tickling the clit all around, and then sucking on it... i play my tounge down the inner thighs, slowly spreading the legs and then folding them gently then licking the pussy slowly i tease down, and flicker my tounge on your anus quickly and move between the cheeks... grabbing your breasts, i harden my tounge and move it around your ass, as you start to softly sigh... then i turn 69 and my throbbing brown cock says hi to you while you gently start knibbling on the now swollen and glistening head, then you swallow it all while raising your head, and then your wet mouth works up and down my cock.. now my face is burried in your pussy, i am holding your legs up, and my finger is massaging your anus... i lick the anus more and gently start to push the finger in, while my tounge is now deep inside your pussy, going in and out, in and out... we are now moaning with pleasure, my cock is in heaven being sucked by you, then you suddenly stick your hard tounge in my anus, which is very tense... and you keep rubbing it till it relaxes... and your hard tounge is travelling all the way in my cheeks, and coming down and sucking the balls, nibbling on my shaft.. i go crazy, and feel the tension building up.. my body starts to tremble and start fucking your mouth, while drowing your clit in hot sliva from my tounge... and we both explode, my cum is all over your face... and you keep licking my cock..

the cock is still hard... and i turn you into a doggy position, lifting your butt way high, then i put my cum soaked cock head on your anus... and you receptively relax wanting my cock inside you and i gently push it in your hole, my hands grab you breasts from back, i squeeze them and start pumping hard.... my cock fills up your ass and you tense up wanting more... and i can't hold back, and start fucking hard, in and out in and out.. you cum with great sobbing sound... and i explode in you... then i just lay down on you and hug you tight with my whole body...


: I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
: male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

I can't say that I can access the IRC's, but I am willing to create a story right along with you. My e-mail address might say canada, but I am from the states:) I recently moved to quebec for work, and here I am to stay for awhile.

I can say that I would love to try out a bit of net sex with a norwegian women. How shall we start this adventure. I like it a little how and a little wet, so I believe that we could place the story in a steam room to start with, and then move from the steam room to explore other places of the world, and each other...


I am 22, 6', 165 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 7" cock.

I want to fuck like you've never been fucked.
I want to bend you over a chair and bang you from behind like Mr Jensen never could. I want to fill your pussy with my hot cum and make you moan and scream with pleasure.
I want you to suck and suck my cock like a baby sucking a lollipop, and make me shoot a load all over your face, your hair, and your tits.
I want to run my rod between your big tits and shoot a load over them.
I want to fuck your ass, come in it, and let you clean my cock off afterwards.
I want to lick your pussy lips and suck your clit, making you spurt loads and loads of your pussy juice in my face.
i want you to reply and let me know waht else I can do for you.


Hi Lene,
I saw your message on the usenet! I'll certainly be glad to fulfill your netsex wishes. Write back if you're interested.


In article <4pkjr9$> you wrote:

: I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american : male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw


I start looking through the house for you, wondering where you are and walk into the bedroom to see you standing in front of the mirror, wondering how you look in your stilettos, black seamed stockings, a crisp white cotton shirt and your 15" black stretch-denim skirt. The stretchy material outlines your sexy tush and the curves of your upper thighs and my eyes travel down your legs enjoying the view of your calves which are taught and shapely, even more so with the heels you have on. I follow back up your body as my breathing is becoming shallow and my cock is straining to be released from my pants. When I get to your breasts, I remember how wonderful they are and I can tell they are not encumbered with other garments under your blouse as I can faintly see the curves I so adore. Your nipples are becoming excited by the lust in my eyes and begin sexily protruding through the thin cotton shirt as I continue on and see the sexy, but innocent look in your beautiful eyes and your pouting lips.

Knowing that you are dressing for me, and only me, only excites me more as I stand there for an eternity just taking in your sensual beauty. You ask me what I am waiting for and I reply that I'm afraid if I move and exert myself the littlest bit, my heart will stop as its pounding so hard. You come toward me with your sexy sway and my body begins to tremble with the feelings only you are capable of putting inside of me. My mind begins to wander with thoughts of whats in store with you for the rest of evening and only know it will be a wonderfully erotic experience. When you reach me, you look up into my eyes and show me the desire you have for me, then start to run your hands up and down the front of my body and finally press your lips against mine sensually, and kiss me lightly. My hands have found your body and I pull you close to me and let you feel the hard cock inside my pants and you moan softly as you slowly grind your hips into mine as I return the slow motion dry fucking of you.

Your hands reach up around my neck and pull me hard into your lips and they begin to part, your tongue lightly playing with mine, then you give my lower lip a light nibble and sucking before you kiss me hard, sucking my tongue into your mouth to let me know what my cock has to look forward to later. Both our hearts are now beating faster and desire and lust are filling our bodies and I withdraw my tongue and begin kissing your lips with mine, sucking on them and manipulating mine to feel every bit of yours. Then we both heatedly plunge our tongues into one anothers mouth's and feel the heat within us. Both our hearts beat faster and faster in passion as our tongues dance with one anothers. We break our kiss as you say that you've teased and waited long enough. You reach down and feel the hardness of my cock through my pants, knowing full well what you're capable of doing to me so easily, and wondering if it will stay this way all night long. Slowly sliding down my body, you begin pulling down my zipper, releasing my cock for the first time, feeling it with your hands as you fill with desire, sighing softly as you look at its full, hard size.

Opening your mouth, your beautiful face move's forward, your tongue reaches out and licks my cock head seductively, sending unbelivably sexy and erotic feelings through us both, your pussy tingling with desire and my cock wanting you to take him between your wet lips. Taking the head of my dick into your mouth and sucking lightly around the ridge, as your tongue teases my cum opening, you get your first taste of liquid from my shaft as I ooz pre-cum fluid into your mouth. You begin sucking my cock head like drinking from a straw, slowly sucking and releasing, sucking and releasing, driving me wild with desire and wanting you to suck me deeper into your mouth. Slowly, you take more dick into your mouth, your lips around my shaft giving me an erotic feeling that I've never experienced before. I begin to wonder if you will be able to take all of me into your mouth, and you begin moving back and forth, up and down my aroused prick, sucking and licking and looking so gorgeous in your aroused state, making me want to cum and let you finally taste my hot liquid. Your attire is still having its affect on me, looking down at this beautiful woman in mini skirt, the tops of your stockings now showing even more than before on your sexy legs and your mouth covering my cock as your face has become flushed and your eyes have closed in passion. Your suction feels so good as you move up and down my shaft, both of us moaning loudly with lust.

Your pussy is wanting her own pleasure as your mouth continues to enjoy the feel and taste of this huge cock and you begin to wonder if you need to stop before I fill your mouth with my hot, sticky white cum. Your pussy is so hot by now, you want me to fuck you with my hot 8 inch shaft and you begin to stand up, and take my pants down. After you have unbuttoned my shirt and taken it off and I am completely naked, I take you into my arms and once again begin to kiss you deeply with my tongue. My hand finds its way to one of your breasts and begins to fondle her lightly, teasing the nipple and making you smile and moan before I begin to undo the buttons on your blouse. As I undo them, I kiss my way down the new opening, stopping at your belly button and flickering my tongue across the circle before moving back up and taking a nipple in my mouth and your other breast into my hand. I give your nipple a hard suck, making you arch your back with desire, then lick my way across your chest and give your other breast a tongue bath before again giving its nipple a firm sucking.

I move up your body and pull you close so I can feel your sexy and excited tits against my chest, once again our lips meet and sensually kiss as I reach behind you and take your slightly covered ass cheeks into my hands, forcing you toward my hard cock. As I continue to play with your tush, the material slowly creeps up to bare your pussy and my fat cock finds it way between your legs as you let them part slightly. My long cock is now sliding along the sex slickened lips of your hot cunt and almost extends completely through your legs. I slowly fuck in and out between your legs, sliding the hard rim along the head up through your wet outer pussy lips and back again as you are able to put pressure on my cock with your pussy being just a few inches lower than my cock. You rub your cunt up and down my cock until finally, it finds it's way inside of you and I plunge it deeply inside, and kiss you with heated passion. After I have given you a quick few strokes, I remove my cock and ask you to turn around and bend over slightly and lean against the wall with your hands.

I move behind you and admire the view of your gorgeous black nylon covered legs in the stellettos, your butt naked with your skirt pulled above your waist and you looking at me with a desire for more of what I have to give you. I move forward and slip my cock between your legs, quickly finding your pussy and shoving all 8 inches of my huge, fat prick deep inside of your virgin tight pussy. You press your ass back toward me in an attempt in make sure you're getting everything I have to give you inside of your quivering, lust filled body.

I reach around you with both my hands and find your hardened breasts and begin to play with both of them firmly, running your nipples between my long fingers making sure to apply pressure through their full length, then running my hands up the undersides of your fantastic globes and squeezing them softly when I reach the top. We are both beginning to feel the effects of our passion rise to the point of orgasm and I take my hands down your sides and down the fronts of your thighs until I have found the treasure of your pussy. I begin to first rub one hand down over your pussy to where I can feel my hard cock moving in and out of your slick opening, then bring it back up over your clit and rotate my other hand into the same path. After doing this for an extended period, I camp both of my hands at your clit, using two fingers from each to rub the sides of your clit until you are almost screaming in ectasy as your cum explodes inside you. You continue to orgasm for several minutes, your tight pussy muscles working on my long shaft shoving quickly in and out, which makes me finally give your tingling pussy a bath of shooting, hot cum, making you once again explode into the thros of an heated passion orgasm. Our legs begin to give out by now and we move toward the bed and fall on it, facing one another and once again begin lustfully kissing.

As we lie together, kissing and embrasing, I once again find your breast with my hand and softly rub the smooth skin on the underside, moving up and over your excited pert nipple, then around the sides and back again, squeezing and massaging softly and firmly until you kiss me hard, forcing your tongue into my mouth in excited passion. You reach for my softening cock and feel its length, rubbing up and down my shaft with your hand, barely able to get your hand around it as you squeeze and tease me, hoping I don't need much time to recuperate...

Tell me what you think...


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Love is a matter of chemistry, sex is a matter of physics.
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Special Delivery

I went to the door and rang the doorbell like I would at any other = house. I was making another delivery of Chinese food. This, however, = turned out to be like no other delivery. A tanned woman, a bit taller = than me, slowly opened the door, revealing her long, luscious legs. I = greeted her with a smile and she accepted me warmly. She asked me to = step inside out of the cold autumn air while she got some money. I = stepped in the door and realized that all she had on was a man's dress = shirt. I could hear the sound of a fire going towards the back of the = house, but no one else was to be seen. I said something about how nice = she looked in the shirt as she returned. She explained that she had just = broken up with her boyfriend and that he had left it. I was looking at a = painting on the wall and she placed the money into my front pants pocket = from behind, her fingers rubbing up against my testicles as she withdrew = her hand. Stunned, I stood motionless for a few seconds as I realized = that she was unbottoning her shirt.=20

There she stood, right behind me, her warm, glistening breasts pressing = against the lower part of my shoulders. All she was wearing was a pair = of white silk panties. She seemed to have an almost animal like look as = I caught a glimpse of her in a nearby mirror. She turned me around and = took me by the hand, leading me to the den where the fire was roaring. = Amazed by the vigor of this lovely creature I leaned over and kissed her = inviting red lips. Her body was long, yet full and surprisingly tan for = this time of year. Her nipples were raised as if called to attention and = were extended from her breasts almost an entire inch. Her breasts were = small, yet firm and offered just enough appeal for the increasingly = impatient yearning of my tongue and mouth.=20

I took off my bowtie as she unfastened the buttons of my tuxedo shirt = one by one. She pulled my hairier than average chest up to her smooth, = awaiting melons. She unclasped my pants and unzipped them with a sudden = quickness. She reached her hand into my pulsating jockey underwear. = Meanwhile, I was wondering about what lay underneath her sheer silk = panties. Kicking my Italian loafers to the floor, I bent over and = methodically slipped her perfumed panties down her legs and off, = unveiling a beautifully shaven lining of soft pink tissue. Getting ever = more aroused, I kissed the awaiting cunt as if I were kissing a woman's = cheek for the first time. She was continuously playing with my cock and = balls so I motioned for her to get in th 69 position with me. Straddling = me from above I could smell the sweetness of her pussy juices trying to = get out more and more as I drew closer and ventured deeper. She let out = slight shudders and moans as I probed the inside of her beauty.=20

She started at the tip of my cock and was very slowly working her way = down until finally she had taken all of it in her coordinated mouth. She = moved up and down my dick slowly, with a quick suck and lick and then = did it over and over again. On the verge of cumming, she stopped and = turned to me. She told me to lay on my back and she put her entire cunt = onto my mouth. The sensation of my tongue engaging her throbbing twat = gave her a quick shudder and gave me a great taste. She was cumming into = my mouth, releasing all of her wonderful juices. I swallowed it all = easily, allowing none to escape because she had no pussy hair.=20

By this time my more erect than ever penis was ready to shoot out at any = moment. She backed up a slight bit and slowly sat on my hard cock. The = feeling of my member piercing the opening of her pussy gave us both a = nice jolt. She sat until I was entirely inside her but remained in a = crotched position. She circled all around my throbbing cock until I = couldn't take it any longer. I shot a stream of cum deep into her body, = loving it more and more.=20


Hi Lene,
Just thought I would drop in to satisfy your netsex needs. There's nothing like seeing a satisfied woman (except satisfying that woman!). Where shall we start? How about from the top? First, I will begin to kiss your lips as the heat rises, I slide my tongue into your warm wet lips. You welcome this but are already wishing it was tickling a different set of lips. I move my hand to your breasts and softly caress your nipples through your blouse. Your nipples become stiff in response. I unbutton your blouse and slide my hand inside as I begin nibbling down your neck. You lay your head back and enjoy the ride as you become more heated and excited. I slide my hand down your abdomen and begin to unzip your mini skirt. You raise your hips to allow me to slide the skirt down and off of your legs. Still nibbling on your nipples, I now begin to caress your pussy through your lacy panties as you open your legs to acquaint me. You raise your hips in response to my finding your magic location and I can tell you are becoming more heated by your gentle moans. I now slide my hand inside your panties to discover your warm wetness. Your bushy pussy is as smooth and soft as silk. As I continue to probe your pussy with my hand, I begin to kiss and nibble my way down your stomach. You are very hot at this point and want to take a more active part in the festivities, so you begin to remove my jeans and underwear revealing my rock-hard dick begging for attention. As you fondle my manhood, I become more excited (if that's possible at this point) and sink my face deep into your wet pussy. I spread your pussy lips open with my fingers and begin to lick your begging pussy. You, wanting to return the favor, begin to gently lick the head of my pulsating dick. I can hardly contain myself as you take it deep into your mouth. I begin licking your clitoris faster sending you into orgasmic convulsions. You can tell I am about to cum, so you stop sucking my dick and begin teasing me by licking around the head of it. Although you have already cum once, it is obvious that you are still in need of more satisfaction. I stop eating your pussy and we get up from the bed on which we were having our fun. You turn around and bend over a chair holding onto a windowsill for support. Your wet pussy is begging for more attention, so I grab your hips and slide my dick slowly into you. You arch your back and press backwards in response to allow me deeper penetration. I slowly fuck you from behind for a few minutes and then speed up causing my balls to slap against your pussy as you moan with pleasure. You begin to gyrate your hips and reach back between your legs with one hand to fondle my balls. I reach forward and gently pinch/caress one of your freeswinging breasts. I can feel your pussy pulsating as you are about to cum again. I begin pumping you yet faster and you begin moaning/screaming louder as we both begin to cum together. The orgasm lasts for several seconds and I can feel the wetness flowing from your pussy onto my thighs as we begin to slow our pace. I am worn out upon completion of our exploits, but you seem to be ready for more action still. Since I can't seem to raise myself to the occasion, you begin to lick my dick again until it begins to rise once more. But I am going to leave this one up to you. Please send back more netsex to me. You can either continue this event or some other fantasy which you would enjoy. Please tell me more about yourself, where you live, what you do, your age, what you look like, and what you enjoy or would like to try in relation to sex plus any other info you would like to give. Myself: I am 32 years old and live in California about a mile from the ocean. I am 6'0" 185 pounds, brown hair. I enjoy outdoor activities, sports , computers and books. Sexually, I enjoy about anything except gay activities. The stranger or more different, the better. I like lots of foreplay and enjoy oral sex (both giving and receiving. I would like to experience sex with two or more girls at once.
I will be anxiously awaiting your reply! Until next time,


Ms. Lene Jensen wrote:
> I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
> male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

If you are not a minor, I will be happy to exchange erotic e-mail with you. Also, if you enjoy erotic photographs, let me know what pleases you, and I will send you some.

I hope I hear from you soon.


On 11 Jun 1996 20:10:17 GMT, in you wrote:
>I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
>male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

Hello Lene, I'm not averse to swapping erotic stories, but I'd like to converse a bit first. It makes it more enjoyable if I know something about you. I live in Florida and I like jazz.

Write back if you like. :)

"Please don't contradict me as I'm much better at it than you are I'm sure."


In article <4pkjr9$> (Ms. Lene Jensen) writes:
>I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
>male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw
Tell me about you.


To: (Ms. Lene Jensen)
Subject: Re: I want sex
Organization: Internet Online Services
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My name is XXX 6'0 180 brown eyes brown hair big dick . If you like what I got e-mail me. Yes i am 18 years old

In article <4pkjr9$> you wrote:

: I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
: male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw


I love netsex. I am 32 yrs old 185 lbs. with about 9 inches. Tell me about you and send a photo. I have alot to offer.


On 11 Jun 1996, Ms. Lene Jensen wrote:

> male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

OK. What do you want to know?

BTW, I'm studying in USA for college. But I'm not an American. I was born in Taiwan, ROC. Lived there 12 years. Then I lived in Egypt for 4 years, and in India for 2 more years. Then I'm here in Worcester, MA, USA.

How old are you anyway?


Ms. Lene Jensen wrote:
> I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
> male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

I am an 18 year old american male. can you tell me how to get on irc and where to go.



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: I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
: male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

Hello Ms. Jene,
I've met only one other person from Norway. A guy, named XXX. He's YYY on icb--not irc. He's cool. Anyway, what is it all you're after? Are you as lonely a lass as I'm as lonely a lad? Not really a lad, I guess (18)...
Tell me what you're after. I'll most likely accomodate you.
Don't mind the name in the headers; I don't like it. Call me XXX (last `x' is silent.)


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>I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
>male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

I'm a 35 year old, 6'3", 195#, surgically safe (vasectomy 10/95), HIV-, xw/e (8.5" x 2.5") SWM who would love to share "netsex" with you. Perhaps via e-mail? drop me a line, or connect to my box via my home page. My URL is XXX I love to see you cumming...

[Short story]
I heard the soft lilt of her accent from across the room, there in the coffee shop. I found myself unconsciously turning to look, and when I found it's source, I was mesmerized. She sat and spoke with all of the gentle grace of a woman sure of her identity and of her power. I must have stared, because when she saw me, she looked slightly embarrassed.

It didn't last long, however. She rose from her seat and walked over to me. "Do I know you", she said. "No", I stuttered. She told me that her name was Lene, and that she was visiting from Norway. I told her my name, and she sat down.

"This is a lovely town", she said, "but I really don't know anyone here, and I've gotten rather lonely..." I nearly fell out of the chair I was sitting in when she reached across and enfolded my hand in hers. Suddenly the heat of her eye contact, and the warmth of her hands awakened a burning inside me I hadn't felt in a long time. "It's so hard to meet men here", she said, "and I'm beginning to feel like I must not be attractive to them." "Impossible", I said before I even had time to think, "you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen!"

She squeezed my hand a bit and whispered,"Do you really think so?" "Of course", I managed to stammer. The heat had led to my developing an erection that was straining uncomfortably against the inside of my jeans. I was used to being completely in control of myself, but this woman had me totally off balance, intoxicated my the potential of what my imagination only dared hint at. "Could you walk with me back to my motel?", she asked, "I don't like to walk alone in a strange town, and I'd like to spend more time with you..."

[more to follow if I hear from you...]


Ms. Lene Jensen wrote:
> I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
> male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw


Hi, I'm XXX, a 25 year old white American male. I'm 6'1", 215 lbs, black hair and brown eyes. I love "netsex", and I think I can satisfy all your desires, as I have one hell of an imagination! Let me see if I can write something really quick to get you interested:

I lay you down on my bed while liplocked with you. I'm on top of you, one hand in your hair, the other feeling your lucious tits. My tounge is halfway down your throat now, and now my other hand strays from your long ,beautiful hair to your plump, ripe ass. Both my hands are frantically trying to undress you, as my cock is going crazy in the heat of passion. I desparatly want to fuck the living shit out of you. My cock is just screaming for your hot, wet, juicy pussy. I manage to get your bra and panties off, and now my lips stray from yours to other parts of your body. I sip your nipples for a minute before moving down to your bush, and finally, your wet, pink pussy. I do not hesitate to go right in there and feast on your juices. You throw your head back and moan in plesure as my tounge works its way around the inside of your juicy cunt. I get my tounge out of there and replace it with my dick. I start fucking you slowly, but the pace quickens rapidly, and soon the thumping of my thrusts theatens to collapse the bed!
Not satisfied with just any old average cunt-fuck, I take myself out of your cunt and turn you over. I ask you to get on all fours, which you promptly do. I spread your asscheeks, reavealing your pretty pink asshole. My dick springs up, ready for action, ready to invade your hot, pretty pink asshole--ready to ride you 'till you can't move. Giddiyap!!

Want more? E-me.


I saw your posting.
Do you want to exchange e-mail?
If you do... send something, then I'll send you a story which I wrote.


>I want sex
> From: (Ms. Lene Jensen)
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> Date: 11 Jun 1996 20:10:17 GMT
> Organization: Nettverksgruppa - NTNU
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>I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
>male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

I am an American Male. 26yrsold 8inc cock, 6ft tall. please email me back.


Hi Lene,

I saw your Newsgroup post, and thought I send you a sample...hope after reading it, you're interested in writing back...and I hope you really are a woman...

Hope you enjoy this:

The Dance

I love dancing. Not the heavy bass stuff today, but the good rock of yesteryear, the 70's and 80's. There always seems to be a good blend of quick and slow music.

I was happy when she suggested it that night. We had gone out for dinner, to a swanky place downtown. I had worn dressy but casual pants, dark shirt and sport coat for the occasion. I was elated to see her dressed in a knockout black dress, nearly ankle length, split in the middle for a dramatic effect. It showed off her lovely legs surrounded by the flow of her dress.

We held hands and had a couple of drinks as we listened to music, enjoying the sounds and sights, but especially each other. God she was beautiful! And those eyes.....I couldn't look away from them. I asked her if she wanted to dance. The floor was crowded as people enjoyed the quick pace of the Doobie Bros. We found a spot and began to dance. At first we talked a bit as we moved to the music, but that gave way to silence as we both took in our partners, cherishing their good looks and ease of movement (I could only guess what was on her mind, but was soon to find out!)

A slow song. We moved toward each other, putting my arms around her waist, hers around my neck. The dance floor emptied a little as the DJ said he was taking a break and going to play several slow songs in a row. The floor was still busy, but beginning to thin. Her head lay on my shoulder, and she whispered in my ear. "I want you." I shared her desire and answered by kissing her passionately on the mouth, just for a moment, then backed away, smiling, then another peck on her full mouth, just barely pulling her lips with mine.

"I don't think you understand." She whispered, her hot breath lightly caressing my face, making my manhood tingle briefly. "I want you now!" she said urgently. Did she dare, right here on the dance floor? How? I had only a moment to ponder the question as she steered us toward a deserted, dark corner of the dance floor. You really couldn't see it from the seats very well, I hadn't noticed it was there - but she had.

We danced closely as the song wound down, passionately exploring each other. As the next song started she turned so one side of us was shielded from the others in the room and on the dance floor. Her small hand reached for my pants, as my jacket hid our intimate secret. As she touched me I felt a fire ignite and a passion like I've never known before.

We had agreed not to wear anything under our clothes, for erotic effect I guess. I could feel her lithesome breasts next to me. She took my hand and without hesitation, guided it to the slit in her dress; leading to her richness, warm and moist. My fingers lingered there for a moment, allowing the sensation to warm me, and let my lust grow, emotionally and physically! For all the world, we looked like a couple dancing very much in love, but what love!

She began to move my hand lower to cover her womanliness, surprisingly moist and sleek. All the while she was dancing tight against my manhood, rubbing it with her sensuous body, forcing it to its full extent and hardness. I rubbed her slowly, manipulating those soft outer areas and erogenous spot and heard her soft, whispered moans in my ear.

I slipped my finger in her, slowly, moving it around to give her the most pleasure. Then out again, massaging her every inch. Then in again. This moment was so wild, I discreetly raised my hand to savor her womanly perfume, and placed it back where it should be, on the source of the fragrance.

I could feel her hands on the opening of my slacks, slowly lowering it and then her hand was inside, taking hold of my swollen passion. I hesitated as she began to give me egress from my confinement, but gave in as she began to move gently against my fingers that were now inside her. She took me firmly in hand and guided me beneath the slit of her dress, staying close so my jacket and her dress hid our physical passions and mounting desire.

Another song began. More people left the dance floor, and no one was near us in our dark, passionate corner. I could feel my passion rising, figuratively and physically. I could feel her moistness beginning to surround me, the tip pushing gently at her opening. Unable to enter the forbidden garden, I allowed myself to move against her, upward, triggering sensations in her that made her tremble and moan.

The music bounced around in my head, moving us to its beat, our physical love grinding against each other. As she began to moan, I kissed her to muffle the sound. Her tongue warm and wet, exploring all of my mouth as she undulated her hips to the music and on my rock hard staff. I could feel her breath coming in short gasps as we kissed longer and deeper. Her sensitive spot hardening as she drew nearer to climax, and my passion beginning to pulse with increased excitement and anticipation. Suddenly she shuddered, grasping my shoulder even harder, as she squeezed me with her thighs, and her warm loving gate pulsed with wave after wave of pleasure as she came around me. I was ready to explode.

She began to return my kiss again, hard and passionate, biting at my tongue; I exploded in waves of passion, shuddering, trying not to let my spasms show. The jets of hot liquid making her moan even more. I moved my myself just inside of her, lingering there to enjoy the passion, and richness of this beautiful Goddess. Such intimacy.

The intimacy! Suddenly I was aware of where we were. Did anyone see, was anyone watching? Everything was the same, just another slow song began, the last one. We danced for a moment more savoring each other. God, I would have given anything to taste her just then, to sample that wet richness of her desire. She put me back and zipped me up, continuing to kiss me, nibbling lightly at my lips and tongue as we danced.

With the close of the song, she whispered softly in my ear "That was terrific. Let's go back to the hotel and dance in the shower. I want to feel you inside me, now!" I whispered to her, I want to taste you and have you taste me!"



Hii :)

I'm 20yrs old male 6'0 tall.. well built.. but extremely horny sometimes.. and i do irc also.. is there any way we could chat once??

please reply asap.

Later babe! :)


Hi Lene!

I would love to have netsex with you... maybe even phone...

I am 6'2", and slim and handsome... really! I'm 30 and love sex!

(I can even send you a picture of myself if you want...)

I really know how to satisfy a woman!!

Please tell me more about yourself and send me some hot email, and I'll send you some back!

By the way, I *love* Scandinavian women -- they're the best!!!


On 11 Jun 1996 20:10:17 GMT, you wrote:

>I'm an Norwegian girl who just needs netsex with some sturdy american
>male! Please.. Mail me your story.. I'm maddie on irc btw

Hi sexy,

I hope you'd like to e-mail me about some sex talk. Ever had sexual intercourse before? I could feel you already. Hope to hear from you soon.


Name=XXX, 6'3", sturdy 205lbs., blonde hair, hazel eyes. Work out in gym several times a week and could introduce the best of America in my own way. Several years ago I traced my ancestory to Norway in 18th century and must still have some Norwegian in me ... have had more than one lady indicate I "look" Norwegian ??? ... I don't know exactly what they meant but ... just fact. If this sounds interesting at all to you reply and we can exchange more info. Born and raised on farm in mid-west, now live in the south.

Lene Jensen [ ]