Jay Leno - The Show

Brandford Marsalis (Mets-fan) is the band-leader. He has an album coming out in january 1995, and will then go on tour to promote this.

Jay has got a couple of figures that are fun : IronJay and Mr. Brain.

IronJay is a sportsjock who doesn't really know a lot about sports, but he does as good as he can. His answers are funny and right on the spot, but not always the answer one expected ;)

Mr. Brain is a cynical man, which life only consists of mocking people. But he's got witty comments and occationally say something useful.

There are those funny things he likes to do. He has "Midnight Confession", where people can tell someone about something they have never had the guts to tell them otherwise.

Then we have "That's my beef!", where Jay or anyone else (they write in to Tonight Show) can say what they truely feels about things they find annoying.

"Headlines" is the part of the show where people themselves send in their bits and pieces found in newspapers and magazines.

"The Tonight Shows most wanted" and "Tonight show Town meeting" are also something that occur from time to time.

The show is made up of these components:

1. Jay comes on stage and do stand up comedy.
2. Jay are talking about something he feels deeply about, like
"Midnight Confession", "That's my beef!", 

"Headlines", he might get
visits form his alter egos, Mr. Brain or IronJay, og he goes out in 
the streets asking people about this or that.
3. First guest arrives.
4. Second guest arrives, often a stand-up comedian.
5. Third and often musical guest arrives.
6. The show ends :(

The best way to get in contact with him, is through The Tonight Show. The address is :

	The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
	3000 W. Alameda Ave.
	Burbank, CA 91523

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