Jay Leno - His life

He was born in New Rochelle (NY) (28 April 1950), but grew up in Andover, Massachusetts, and had a happy childhood. He was a boy who was full of pranks as many others. He loved put tennisballs into the toilet and flush. The tennisball would get stuck, and the janitor had to come and fix it. Jay was hiding in the toilet next door with his mates, giggling and enjoying. He claims to be dyslexic.
He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication from Emersom college in 1973.

He came to California in 1976, and tried to be a superstar. He gueststared for David Letterman in 1977. But he was not cut out for acting, thank god, and started guest-hosting The Tonight Show instead. Since Sept 1987 he became the exclusive guesthost, and on May 25, 1992 the permanent host. He had found his place in life.

As a talkshowhost, he is controversial, and many people do not want to talk to him. He is not afraid to tell people his mind, and has lost sponsors on his show. He doesn't care :) Oh, btw, he has some valuable advise if you are ever to talk on television. Don't eat pop-corn before shows! ;)

He like old cars, and has an old cars collection, 28 cars. He is a fan of Kurt Russell, Elvis and Orson Wells. On one of his shows, one of his (female) guests said "But I don't swallow!" when speaking about a semierotic movie she had done, and for the first time in ages Jay looked embarrased. Unusual things does happen :) He was very joyful when he could tease Patrick Stuart - who plays Captain Pickard in Star Trek - and he's eyes were sparkling. Bo Derek think he has beautiful eyes, and he seems to appreciate that. He likes windy days, and when he was in the 8th grade, he danced to Cher and Sonny Bonos "I've got you babe".

To give a short resume of his personal life, he is married to his Mavis :( His weddingdate was November 30th, 1980. He got a cat. His father were italian and mother scottish, and his father took his mother to "Cab Calloway" in New York when she first came to the USA. They have both passed away, his mother June 26, 1993 and his father in summer 1994. He gave a heartbraking speach on the show when that happened, and he really touched me.

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