My family

I want to present my family to you all. So I have these pages for it.

First of all, I want to tell you about my mother, Ruth, and my father, Sigurd. My mother met my father in her sisters wedding. Her sister, Helga, was marrying my fathers brother, Asger, and my father came to the wedding. When my mother heard he was coming, she was resting (sort of) in a babies crib and she told the others to help her out of it because "now, the man I am going to marry is coming!" Mind you, she had never seen him in her life, nor ever talked to him. They married a couple of years later. At the time of the wedding, my mother had a daughter, Sonja, and a son, Ingar, from a previous marriage, they are 22 and 17 years older than me.

My father was Danish, and his parents were called Valborg and Karl Jensen. They lived in a small Danish place called Ugilt, and their house was called after the place where my parents lived after the wedding, Øksfjord.

My mother had 10 siblings all in all, but when I was born, the oldest sister, Therese, had been dead for many years. My grandfater, Ludvig, died just a month before I was born. My grandmother, Ellen, was fortunately living in a new house at that point.

When I was about eight and a half years old, we moved from Øksfjord to Rissa, a small place in the middle of Norway. We built a wonderful new house, and my mother was totally devoted to the garden.

My first huge love was with Eric Heiden (picture taken by Rune Myhre in the book about Eric Heiden). Of course he didn't know that I existed, but it didn't stop me from loving him, just the same. I guess I was in love with him up to my confirmation.

Living in Rissa, there were not that much to do. I went to school, was in the school band for some short time (played the clarinette), I was a girl scout for a couple of years, and I did sports: gymnastics, soccer, handball, riding horses and swimming. I did this until I graduated "highschool", ie. was what we in Norway call a "russ".

About at that time, my sisters kids started reprodusing. My sisters oldest daughter, Therese (who insidently is 4 years older than me) got a daughter, Mariann. Some 5-6 years later, she (Therese, that is) and her husband to be, Arne Olav, had a son, Anders. Anders is my godson, and he started going to school in the fall of 1997. A couple of years after Anders was born, they married, and had a third child, a son called Jonas. They are all living on a large (Norwegian size) farm, where they have lots of neat stuff to take pictures of.

My sisters youngest daughter, Berit, is one year older than me, and she is married her husband Jan in 1987. They have two gourgeous daughters, Christiane and Angelica.

My sisters youngest child, is a boy called Jim. He is living with his girl friend Mona and their new born son, Michael. He was christened February 1. 1998.

My brother has three daughters, Birgitte who's fiance is called Marcus. She is 3 years younger than me. His girl number 2 is called Christel. She has a young son, and they are living in Kristiansand in the south of Norway.

My brother's youngest daughter is called Kine Helen. She was confirmated in 1997.

This page will get bigger, since I have plans to include pictures of my entire family. It's large, as my mother had 10 siblings and my father had two, and all their children and childrens children will eventually end up on this page. I will not rest until every family member has his or her picture on this site.

To end it all, I will tell you a little bit about my friends, who I also will try to get up here, eventually. From Øksfjord I will give you a view of my best friend Hege (Høgmo) and my very first friend, my very first boyfriend, my very first "fiance", the guy who gave me my first kiss, Lars Einar (Garden).
From Rissa I will introduce you to my first best friend there, Ann Kristin (Nervik), to the girl who has been my best friend since I asked her to come out to make snowmen, Sidsel (Skjervø) and another Hege (Thomassen) who has meant a lot to me. You have already gotten a glimpse of another best friend, Marianne (Wold), who I will talk a bit more about later.
After I moved to Trondheim, I have only had one best friend live. Her name is Unni (Knutsen), and she has meant a lot to me. She was always there for me when I started studying at the university, and I miss her terribly.
To end my stories about friends I've had, I want to mention Frode (Tennebø), who has been a support and a friend in need, and much better friend to me than I have been to him, and he has never asked for anything. I will also mention the two people who I have had as friends on the net, since I took my first "steps" on the net, John (Bennett) who is living in Schwitzerland (but is born and raised in England) and Juho (Uski) who I can call at any time of the day or night, and who I have met once. Juho, rest assured, it will not be the last time!

I'll leave you with some words from Juho, a present that has meant a lot to me, although it technically only is two words written on a paper. It's in calligraphic, Japanese writing. It means Friends forever :

Lene Jensen [ ]