Welcome to the philosophical homepage of Lars Erik Kolden

As you can see, this homepage is NOT quite ready yet, but next time you drop by it might be better!! I am this cryptical "Lars Erik", and I live and study philosophy at the University of Trondheim in Norway (almost the North Pole, though). Therefore I will try to dedicate the homepage to this subject (yes, philosophy). So if that's one of your interests: Drop by!! During some time I will make links to the hottest philosophy-places in the world...that's a promise (I don't know if I will keep).

And here is my homepage's first link to help you getting round in the world of Philosophy!!

A few Kantian links, for you interested:

In addition to this, you can try my page of Literature

If you would like to send a mail, my adress is larkol@nvg.unit.no

... and in the real world my address is:
Moholt Alle 10-52

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NVG, or Nettverksgruppa in plain Norwegian.