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Name: Aake Elden
Year of birth: 1969
Interests: Cognitive science, language, logic and learning

AAke has got a major in psychology about eyemovements and logical expressions.
You can soon fetch a copy from here
. He is now working with distance education, video and software.

I like best to hit the sky with my bike, together with my friends Gyrd, Jørgen and Hans. BIKE .

or hit MB .

Bike-Pro . Biking . Gorp . Bikealog. MBUK . Syncros . Cannondale . Colorado .
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Aake Elden
Dep. of Psychology- University of Trondheim- 7055 Dragvoll, Norway
Email: aake@alfa.avh.unit.no
Phone: +47 73 590988
Fax: + 47 73 590882