Presentation of an almost
finished doctorate project

The videogame is the oldest example of an interactive electronic medium that we have. To better understand any such medium, it is a good idea to study the one that has been around the longest. That is what I have done.


Pac-Man is the quintessential videogame.

This knowledge can with little effort be applied to other kinds of interactive electronic media. It can also be used as it stands, to enhance existing applications that are in full or partly based on a gaming concept, or in the development of totally new products.


Lara Croft is the central element of the best designed and marketed videogame franchise of the 90s.
The project is entitled "Ludus Ex Machina" and will be completed by Jan 1st, 2002. Jørgen Kirksæther holds a degree in Software Engineering (EDB-ingeniør) and a Masters degree (hovedfag) in Film Science (Filmvitenskap). He can be contacted on: or by phone +47 22 67 45 63, in Oslo, Norway. Myst has got the best quality-to-sales ratio of any game. Low quality, extreme sales.