The owner takes absolutely no responsibility what so ever of the outcome
of those poor pathetic berk´s minds after
The Realms of EddiELand!!!

But hey..... we only live once...... or ........... do we live at all?
Maybe all this is just our imagination playing tricks with us?
Maybe we are just a part of some game a sick, old, mad person is playing.
Some kind of a greater power, not like a God, but on the contrary
some sort of gray haired man. Controlling our every movement,
even though it feels like we are in controll.
Reminds me of lots of games we can play on the computers,
like Warcraft, Civ., Powermonger, Populus I & !!, Sim, Dune etc.
Who knows.......
Errrrrrr..... thats enough bull..... just turn the page, that was what i was supposed to tell you.
Not all that other crap!

NB 1 !!

This page may contain stuff that some people find offending!
So think twice before entering EddiELand!

NB 2 !!

This page is still under construction, but will be up as soon as possible!!