Kjetil Fridén

Date of Birth: June 2nd 1972
Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway
Current Occupation: Student

Major Pastimes:
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How to get in touch with me:

Address:   Nedre Flatåsvei 119
           N-7099 Flatåsen

Telephone: 72580871
Cellphone: 95883415
E-mail:    cezton@nvg.unit.no

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Norwegian Nature

Norway is blessed with a rich environment, and compared to most industrial countries, we have a fair share of "untouched" nature. Sad to say, but this is mostly due to our large mountain areas, that are less usable for commerce than most other terrain. Forreigners might find it interesting to know that there is a great myth that Norwegians spend all their holidays on cottages in the mountains. But there is some truth in it, quite many have cottages, some by the sea, some in the mountains, and yes, there is quite some trafic to and from the mountain areas during Easter for example. Here are some resources on Norwegian Nature.