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This guy is a student at NTNU. Back in the autumn continuing to construct and deconstruct

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The word fuck and its unlimited posibilities
Contains a special cartoon.


Trondheim Kino.
Cranes chat
Roskilde festival
Cranes (Fan Forum)
My Bloody Valentine's
the cure

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My brother in Bergen
Neighbour in Alvdal, Řyvinds home

This summer's Background Noise

1. stereolab - fluorescenses
2. seefeel - climactic phase #3
3. cranes - cloudless
4. placebo - 36deegrees
5. velvet underground - white light/white heat
6. ride - cool yr boots
7. mazzy star - still cold
8. cure - hot hot hot
9. pavement - summer babe bloody valentine - honey power now you know.

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