Welcome. It seems your persistence has earned you a clarification. The last few pages were meant to scare away all but the really really keen. This entryway to my tiny web is not maintained anymore, as the individual parts have gained their own lives, and I no longer have the time nor feel the need to satisfy the random surfers that come this way. However, you may have come looking for something specific -- which you also may actually find, provided your persistence holds up.

Remember Reload?

Since this gateway to selections among my personal pages are no longer maintained, the randomness and personal fixes of the somewhat heavily filtered menu pages are now removed. Server side includes, sweet features, scripts and toy stuff is partly dysfunctional: There is a new server in town (surprises galore).

Still: Feel free to choose among the few archived versions (milestones, rather) of the index, each with some few hundred individual variations.

seek vs. get

Please note: Not all pages here are readable for all browsers, not all give the same links, not all are very functional, and none gives more than a taste of this tiny web. The purpose was sometimes harassment, sometimes to break design rules, to test reactions, to send away readers without any serious intent. Sometimes even to guide you in. Advice: Try reload; the future will bring you somewhere.


  1. The future home of aga (1997)
  2. The framed home of aga (netscapism, 1995)
  3. The grey home of aga (staleness, 1995)
  4. The buttonframed home of aga (random harassiveness, 1996/97)
  5. Buttonframed variant (opposite random)
  6. The I-exposed home of aga (Explorer sillity, 1996/97)
  7. The true home of aga (the enemy of java, 1995)
  8. The True Home of Aga (simply something, 1994)
  9. The true home of aga (ancient, 1993/95)

Not listed

  1. Missa 1.0
  2. spinn archives
  3. a.x
  4. Not listed: Older version (no functional links), false homes, alternative homes, indexed homes